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Air Curtains

An Air Door/Air Curtain creates an invisible barrier of high velocity air to separate different environments. Air enters the unit through the intake. It is then compressed by scrolled fan housings and forced through a nozzle which is directed at the open doorway. The system utilizes centrifugal fans mounted on direct driven, dual shafted motors. The result is a uniform air screen across the opening with enough force to stop winds up to 25 mph.

Note: When there is an in draft caused by an exhaust system in the building (negative pressure), the performance of any air door will be heavily affected.

Air doors/air curtains are commonly used on both exterior and interior doorways. Call US to help you with your application. Our staff is well prepared to assist from concept to finished installation as well as down line service issues.

US Materials Handling is a distributor and supplier of T.M.I. and Air Curtains. Please call US on your brand, choice requirements
Air Curtains

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