Carousels-Vertical/Horizontal in Utica, Syracuse, Binghamton, Albany, Rochester, Watertown

There are two distinct types of carousel storage units. Horizontal storage carousels rotate and store product in a horizontal plane. Vertical storage carousels rotate and store product in a vertical plane. A third type of system, called a Vertical Lift Module (VLM) or “Shuttle”, looks similar to a vertical carousel and stores product in a vertical plane but has distinct differences and productivity advantages not found in carousels.

The primary advantages all of these systems offer are:
1.built-in position sensing controls that present a specific storage bin or shelf to the operator on demand and;
2.elimination of non-value added worker travel time in the order selection and stock put-away process

Typical Carousel Workstation

Carousels and shuttles can be controlled manually by an operator, but they provide the greatest productivity gains when coupled with:
•batching software and hardware that presents order selection cartons or totes to the operator and drives the carousel movement;
•picking software that automatically locates and advances the next product to be picked to the operator workstation and;
•picking displays that tell the operator how much to pick of each item

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